The best god of mishief secretly posing as his dad, ever.
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1. Use some common sense: Post things in the right forum/thread, stay on topic, don't post pointless crap, don't be a jerk/troll/dick to people, don't harass/flame other members, don't spam, and generally behave.

2. Similarly, if you see someone trolling or being a jerk or anything else mentioned in rule number 1, DO NOT respond in kind; dealing with people breaking the rules is our job as mods and admins, not your job, so let us know about it and let us deal with it.

3. Use proper spelling and grammar.

4. Listen to the forum moderators, site admins, and site staff.

5. Note any rules specific to individual forums and follow them.

6. Do not post the same text/images in every post to try to be like a signature.

7. Making use of any malicious code or other exploit to take advantage of the systems on this site or cheat the systems on this site is grounds for an immediate ban without warning.

8. DO NOT copy/upload/share any sponsor only content to other sites/servers/torrents/whatever. This is cause for immediate banning.

9. Don't make any stupid claim that the First Amendment protects your right to post here. It doesn't.